The Rise Of The Chinese Fashion Industry

Chinese Fashion IndustryFashion has been around for as long as we all can remember. Yet when we think about it, we tend to concentrate on the major cities of London, New York and Paris. These have been the main three centers of fashion for decades, and they also host the best fashion shows each year, showcasing clothing from the worlds best clothes designers. These designs are made by hand specifically for these shows. However, when it comes to mass production of them for the general public, they have usually been made in China.

For years China has been the country that has supplied both cheap materials and labor. Billions of dollars of clothing leaves the country every single year to be sold in other countries, in particular, the west. This has helped the major designer labels make huge profits, while average stores have been able to get their hands on cheap quality stock. Although this trend still continues, higher wage bills in China have meant that clothes are now made in countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Although the number of clothes being made in China has reduced recently, what has grown is the fashion industry itself. Designers are now becoming well known around the world, and fashion shows in the country are now becoming big news. It is now not far off that Shanghai will become one of the major fashion centers in the world. With a booming economy, an endless labor force, China’s own marketplace is enough to make the new wave of designers a lot of money. Add in the fame they now have around the world, and they are now very highly valued members of the fashion industry.