Kate Middleton Stays Stylish During Her Pregnancy

Kate Middleton MaternityBecoming pregnant is usually acausee for a celebration. The only real downside is what we women are going to wear as we start to get bigger as the baby grows. Of course, we try to keep fitting into the clothes that we have always had, but a point comes when we can no longer get into our favourite jeans, or that beautiful blouse that we love to wear is bursting at the buttons. It is only when we get to that stage that most women suddenly wake up to the fact that they need maternity clothes.

Unlike decades ago, when there were only a small number of clothes available for the pregnant lady, and the style was bland to say the least. Thankfully, those days have long gone, and there is now a massive selection of fashionable clothing that we can wear.

One person that has stood out, and proves beyond doubt that a woman can look great, regardless of how many months pregnant they are, is Kate Middleton, or should I say Princess Kate? Although she has suffered from bad bouts of morning sickness during her two pregnancies, she still managed to carry on with many of her engagements. Each time she appeared in public, she was dressed in fashion that made her look wonderful. Even with only a couple of weeks to go, prior to the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor, she still managed to look amazing.

Of course, she has the benefit of fashion advisors that help her select what she will look best in, but it just shows that with a bit of effort, anyone can look great while pregnant. The good news is that most stores now stock highly fashionable items that will fit a pregnant woman perfectly. With a bit of makeup and some accessories, we can all look just as good as Kate Middleton.